Friday, July 6, 2012

11 Random Questions

Hey Guys -

I was tagged in Gina's blog to participate in 11 Questions. I didn't follow the rules  - because I am a rule breaker, ya'll - so this is just answers to Gina's 11 questions.

It's my first vlog attempt (gotta love the spot youtube chose to freeze my face). I didn't have any editing abilities - I just kept stopping and restarting my camera, so there's no fancy bling off my super white teeth or general editing, so you get to hear my ums and learn a new word "enroached". :)



  1. What up, fellow so-pale-I-glow-in-the-dark person! Although I usually say "If I were any paler, I'd be a member of the Cullen family". But yeah, I hear you on the leg shaving thing and being able to see the hairs before they grow. It's pretty unfortunate... *sigh*

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  3. I love this "vlog" what a great idea! Rick and I both watched it...good job! Back at the end of Jan, I was also asked 11 questions from a follower, and then I had to tell 11 things about myself. A really cool way to learn a little about someone. I was looking at April's blog the other day and spotted yours, so I thought I'd leave you a comment.

    Dawn (April's Mom)
    @ A Place for Pictures and Memories

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