Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Mystery/Thriller Story...

During a recent run, the perceptive/hyper-aware side of me turned my run into a mystery/thriller.

I ran past a guy in a work truck, next to a power box. He sat in the truck  the entire time I was running up the block, and decided to get out of the vehicle just as I was running by. I immediately grabbed my keys and put them in 'stab eye' mode in my hand, in case he came after me.


There was an icecream truck driving around the neighborhood. This may not seem odd, except for two things:
1. The icecream truck is NEVER in our neighborhood in the summer (I work remotely, I would know that music anywhere)
2. It was approximately 38 degrees out. In Arizona.
I'm convinced he was a kidnapper. I felt an instant urge to call the police.

As I ran past the back of a neighborhood, the distinct smell of bleach overpowered me. Keep in mind, I have no sense of smell - I could taste the bleach. It was powerful enough that it made my nose sting and eyes water. It was definitely not pool chemicals (they taste different). I wondered what blood stains they were cleaning up, and if they realized that it was dead giveaway that they were using copious amounts of bleach!

I opted out of google searching "mopping up blood stains". http://thefitnesschronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/bleach.gif

Finally, I saw large bags of fertilizer stacked around the neighborhood. What's that? You think it was just the fertilizer for the summer grass, and that's why the stacks were at the parks? I don't think so. I think it was to make explosives.


At least that's what I thought as I wrote my mystery story in my head - and it helped me push that last few miles as I "ran away" from the bad guys. :)

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