Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Haphazard Thoughts

A couple of random training topics…

Overall, I’m glad I took a full week completely off, and also glad that I took it really easy for the two to three weeks before that. I read a blog today from a world class Ironman, Elizabeth Fedofsky, and she reiterated the need for deep recovery in order to actually get harder/better/faster/stronger.

I did fall off the oreo/ruffles wagon – just for the extended weekend, but I got back up on it on Sunday. Sometimes you just need to indulge. I only gained 1 lb.

So far in this first week, I have successfully trained outside on the weekends. I went hiking with Lilac on Saturday, and it was so nice to get out there in good weather again, that I think this will be a primary weekend focus for me for the next 8 weeks. Even if we’re not running the trails (like as not), there’s still benefit – mostly some peace, and good conversation!

I’m also thinking about taking a day off and spending it on my bike all day. It just sounds like such a great time.

I’ve been beating the goon too – not thinking ahead or letting myself worry about how I’ll feel in 2, 5, 10, 20, 60 minutes, tomorrow. As always, it’s a work in progress.

I’m really struggling with coming up with a good plan for my swim – or more like trying to determine if my potential plan is a good one. Basically, I think swimming for 1 ½ - 2 hours is just ridiculous. There’s no need for it, when I’m doing sprints or olympic distances. There’s nothing that I can do in 90 minutes that I can’t do in 45. Or at least that’s what I think right now.

I feel like all that I’m getting from the extra time in the water is more wear and tear on my body, more fatigue, a bigger headache and more nausea. None of those things make me want to get in the pool, especially when it’s getting colder.

By the way – if anyone knows how I can prevent/avoid the headache and nausea, I’d really appreciate suggestions. I’m not flipping off the walls, or doing anything that should lead to those feelings, but about 45 minutes in, I start to feel very sick and dizzy (yes, I’ve been swimming through that, I’m a moron). Check all that may apply –
- Not eating before I go to the pool
- Not staying hydrated while in the pool
- Having hair that is too heavy when wet (it’s getting excessively long)
- A swim cap that is too tight with all that hair shoved under it
- Goggles that are too tight
- Something stupid I’m doing
- That’s just the way it is
Really, I’m open to any suggestions at this point!

Until I figure it out, my plan is to swim between 45 – 60 minutes max, and spend a large portion of that time doing drills. Drills keep me mentally occupied, and will help with stroke efficiency. That’s my plan for now at least. We’ll see how it goes.

Finally, I was reading Kristin Armstrong today (one of m favorites), and she had this great list of rules to running trails and how it can apply to life –

Be light on your feet...choose your path wisely...someone else's path may not work for you...when you stumble, roll with it...relax in the midst of effort...concentration doesn't mean tension...a cold beer is a fine reward...dress the part...ask questions...go your own pace, if others need to pass, they will... make adjustments to remain balanced...pack smart...have options...refuel before you are empty...don't get sloppy just because you are tired...let go of time constraints...wait for those who are on their those who have been there before...return home a better woman for having made the adventure.

Almost all of these resonate with me, so I wanted to share them, and remember them myself.

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  1. I have never felt sick when swimming...but have before with running and I attributed it to breathing. Check your breathing when you are swimming...are you breathing every stroke, just to one side? Try to mix it up and breathe to both, hold a bit longer, switch strokes or make sure after a long set you do some kicking in streamline on your back? Just some suggestions! Lets plan a day at the pool!

    LOVE the kind words at the end of your blog..I am in a job search right now (last day friday! yyiikkees!!) and a few of those I can apply to situation!