Monday, December 7, 2009

So Much Fun!

Just wanted to share a couple of great photos of the girls at the race this weekend! It was freezing cold (35 degrees) and raining during the morning, but all of the girls were confident in themselves, and excited for the race! They've worked for 10 weeks to accomplish this goal, and they've all come a long way!!
I'm so proud of my girls! The best part of the week with them was definitely the last practice. They shared how they felt about the program, and their experiences, and I was elated to hear how many girls felt like they could "do anything" and were "proud" and "confident". It was an emotional practice, but it was a good one!

Mackenzie just before the race started - ready to run!

Marissa with her mom - she has worked so hard this year! Almost at the finish!

Sophia charging ahead (a huge improvement for a girl who had never run), and Kayla behind her surviving the cold!

Lilac being the best running buddy you could ever ask for - encouraging Alondra on the way!

Amya- a champion!


  1. Aw! Great Post and Pics!!! I am almost finished with my recap. My passion for the program was reenergized and my buddy was insanely inspirational. Came close to tears on our little 5k around Scottsdale! :) Good to see you!! xxxooo

  2. I Love the post...great job!!!!