Saturday, March 21, 2009

Feeling Alive

Today is the first day that I actually felt good working out. I biked on the stationary for an hour, and finally felt like my fourth and fifth gears are back. When I finished, I walked back down to the lockerroom to grab my stuff, and I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and ability. I am healthy, and lucky to be able to go to such a great gym whenever I want.

I walked outside, and it was absolutely beautiful out. Windows down weather for sure. Blue skies, flowers out, gorgeous breeze. I felt so alive and glad that I live in a city that lets me feel that way six+ months out of the year - as opposed to 6 days, if some are lucky.

We found a beautiful home, put an offer in, and are going to close on Tuesday. We have a 10 day escrow period, because some of the short sale paperwork was going to expire, and I've been out of town for 5 of them, so it's been just a little frantic. Still - with all of the people in this country losing their jobs, struggling, losing their homes, the things they've worked so hard for - I'm extremely lucky to be able to buy a gorgeous home way under price, at a very low interest rate, in a neighborhood way above where I expected to be. I'm lucky that I can pay for all of my new appliances with cash, that the government is giving us our down payment back to stimulate the economy.

I'm lucky that I'm so in love and so aligned with J, and that we have the same path ahead of us.

I'm feeling absolutely alive, lucky beyond belief, and truly happy.

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